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The Foundation aims to promote and support initiatives serving the development of Christianity, in particular:

Popularization of the knowledge of the Holy Bible

Dissemination of Christian philosophy and apologetics

Providing help to the individuals and families in growing spiritually and living on the basis of principles derived from the Holy Bible

Charity activities for people in need

Objectives of the foundation

  • popularization of knowledge in the field of Christian apologetics, in particular related to the subject of science-religion, reason-faith
  • popularization of knowledge of the Holy Bible
  • promoting respect for the Christian faith
  • support in the sphere of public dialogue related to the the Christian world-view
  • protection of the image and attitude of a rational Christian faith
  • activities for religious worship
  • promoting a lifestyle based on Christian spirituality and Christian values
  • activities to strengthen the permanence of marriages and families based on Christian values
  • support and help in individual spiritual development, (especially by providing access to the knowledge needed in this area)
  • supporting the family – marriage, natural parenthood and foster care
  • counteracting addictions and social pathologies
  • activities for the integration and reintegration of people who are at risk of social exclusion
  • social assistance, including assistance to families and people in a difficult life situation, and equalizing the opportunities for these families and people